Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Forum for Awareness

The website has built up a Forum for awareness on Prostate Cancer. This is Forum where  three category of people may join

a>   Common men
b>   Patients affected by Prostate Cancer and their friends and family members
c>   Practitioners taking care of Prostate Cancer

The Forum is aimed at make people understand the disease rather than fearing from the disease. It alerts people of probable attack from Prostate Cancer. It tries to find remedy and cure of the disease. With the participation of more number of people in the Forum and fruitful interaction, we can combat the disease.

Let us join hand together.


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  2. Sir i has facing prostitis prob from three years,so my question is that my treatment is possible or not?? pls help

  3. Anonymous09:48:00

    bengalurologytrust.org and prostatecancerfoundation.in are the 2 websites, demand appreciation for the great job done to the community

  4. Anonymous10:11:00

    It was a great morning on 07 August 2016(22 Shrabon), the d eath anniverary of Rabindranath Tagore. I am pleased to see that The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Kolkata under Bengal Urological Trust dedicated a picture gallery inscribing the last days ailment pictures of Gurudev who suffered from Prostate Cancer. VC Rabinddra Bharati paid homage to the great soul and inaugurated the gallery. Awareness speech of Dr. Amit Ghose, mentor of Prostate Cancer Foundation Kolkata was heart touching. Thank you the Foundation ! Thank you Dr. Amit Ghose!
    a floower of tagore

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